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m for familiesThe sad truth about China is that abductions have become a widespread social problem and many fear ab▓ductions could increase since a number▓ of criminal gangs getting involved with kidnappings either force families to pay ransoms or▓ sell children to other families.Reportedly, motorcycle gangs are known to roll into public areas in cities where children are playing. They▓ sweep in, grab them and roll out within minutes. They

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tr▓ansport them into cars, where the children get delivered to a different Chinese city to be sold.Some kidnapping gangs, who were arrested, have inform▓ed officials that the usual rate for selling a child to▓ another family is valued at approximately $US50,000 (RMB300-350,000).Child traffickers prefer to steal boy▓s, since Chinese culture favors families raising males ▓over females. Hence, Chinese cops need more help to assist families in t

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